What is Electrostatic Painting?


Electrostatic spray-painting machines emit very small almost invisible sized paint droplets that are electrostatically charged. The paint will have the one charge when it comes out, and the metal object will have the opposite charge. Opposites attract and particles with the same charge repel, so this works perfectly for painting. The paint droplets repel the other droplets, so all of the paint distributes evenly. At the same time, the paint and the metal are attracted to one another, so the paint fills up crevices and distributes across the entire object. When you see this in action, you will likely think of two magnets with opposite charges coming together. The attraction is that powerful.

Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic spray painting has several advantages that you should consider. First and foremost, it forms a powerful bond between the paint and the metal. That means that once the paint is in place, it will stay there.

It also does a great job of covering three-dimensional objects. It has good wraparound and edge coverage, and the particles of paint will change direction midair to reach all the edges and crevices. This makes it very easy to spruce up metal objects and make them look like new.

In addition, it creates a uniformed look. The paint has the same thickness all over the object, so it will look as if it just came out of a factory.

It’s also fast drying. It dries to the touch in around an hour, and it can be used the next day, although light use is recommended at first. It won’t be long before it is ready to go through the paces, though.

Also, the process is quick, so there will be minimal interruption to your business. We plan the job ahead of time and then get in and out quickly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Large variety of color options. We custom match and custom create colors.

We come to you and paint on site. You can have someone come in and spray paint your filing cabinets, elevator doors, and other metal objects without taking them out of your building. Also, large metal objects don’t have to be taken apart. This makes electrostatic spray painting the obvious choice for lots of businesses.

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